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Vancouver Junk Removal Give You a Hand to Prepare for Holidays

We officially get into the holiday season, and you should be prepared to fully enjoy this time of the year, without worrying about all the hustle of this time. As a specialized team of junk removal in the Vancouver region, we from 365 Junk Removal separated some useful tips to you to skip all the stress around this season and save time and money to enjoy the holidays happily.

Wrapping Gifts 

Start to rethink the way you wrap your gifts. By the end of the day, it becomes a bunch of wasted paper that will go directly to the junk. Be creative and come up with fun and straightforward solutions to avoid wasting money, time, and your patience wrapping the gifts. 

For example, you can put more effort into making a Christmas card full of meaning to your beloved one, instead of wasting money in wrapping paper. By drawing attention to what really matters – your effort and care about the person, the wrapping paper will not be noticed. 

But, if you cannot avoid to wrapping your gifts, look for the two-sided ones. They will save you money and avoid to waste even more paper. There are many options for wrapping papers in larger rolls with a different design on each side, giving you more options to choose from, without spending even more money. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are usually a polemic topic, dividing opinions. Some people love them, either giving or receiving, other ones hate with all their heart and soul, even considering a disrespect or careless. Despite all controversy around gift cards, the fact is many people are adhering to this idea. 

In fact, gift cards can be great gifts as well, allowing the receiver to choose whatever he/she wants accordingly to their needs, wishes, preferences, and, most important, time. For instance, you can give a gift card with a good amount to your niece, and she will take advantage of this money in her convenience, using the gift to buy something that she was wishing, or even complementing the value to get something more expensive, but it was possible to afford before.

By giving a gift card, you are not only giving the freedom to your family and friends to choose whatever makes more sense to them but also helping with a more sustainable world, once you avoid wasting money buying things that people will not use and will ending up really soon to the garbage.  

Cleaning, Organizing and Giving Purpose  

This time is also a great one to do a massive cleaning and organizing your closet and storage to make room for new Christmas clothes gifts coming in. Go through all your clothes, select the ones that you really like and use daily, and separate the old clothes and the ones that you haven’t worn for a long time. 

Make sure that they are in good condition and look for a charity that you resign with and donate to them. More than cleaning and organizing your closet and storage, you are helping others and making their holidays happier as well. If you need help to haul your donations, you can count on our efficient junk removal team to help you. 

With all set, planned, and organized, you are ready to enjoy the festivities. We from 365 Junk Removal are prepared to help you to set up to enjoy your holidays with affordable prices and excellent removal services; we can dispose of your garbage to recycle. Call (604) 365-0428 or email us to booking@365junkremoval for a free estimate.

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