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Vancouver 365 Junk Removal Company Can Remove Construction Waste

Vancouver is currently undergoing a construction and renovation boom. Walking down the streets, you can easily spot constructions sites everywhere. For Vancouverites, thoughts linger in the mind as to how long would the loud construction noises continue, how it affects the local traffic, and how the construction companies will handle the disposal of construction waste. 

To ensure the building construction or renovation site is as clean as possible falls on the responsibility of the builders. Properly cleaning up debris is just as important as the planning and construction development project itself. 

With the help of an efficient and qualified team of Vancouver 365 Junk Removal to haul all the debris and other wasted materials after a demolition or renovation job, you can focus on the problems that really matter to the construction project. 

Our Vancouver garbage disposal team at 365 Junk Removal can remove all construction debris, from drywall to concrete, with proper training and disposal in agreement with recycling practices in Greater Vancouver. It is important to understand the importance to give an adequate destination of construction rubbish. 

There are some municipalities’ regulations when it comes to the disposal of construction waste. For example in Vancouver, it is possible to find designated stations where it is allowed to drop off construction waste such as window frames, cement base, and concrete to be recycled. 

There are specific guidelines to dispose of specific kinds of recyclable wastes that come from construction, demolition, or renovation. Let’s take concrete as an example. A maximum of 500 liters of concrete is possible to be disposed in specific concrete recycling transfer stations in Vancouver. If more than this amount, it is necessary to arrange the disposal with the Vancouver Landfill Department. To avoid any fines and expert knowledge you can count on our Junk Removal team in Vancouver to guide you. 

365 Junk Removal makes a careful analysis of the construction wastes before we start to remove and get rid of them from the construction site to the transfer stations or landfills. Our team makes sure that all the debris are properly sorted and cleaned to go to the specific recycling locations. Any hazardous waste from construction or renovation must have a proper destination different from the rest of the debris.

Make sure to take care of construction waste. 365 Junk Removal has 15 years of experience working in the junk removal industry, offering low cost and affordable commercial waste removal services. Call (604) 365-0428 or email us to booking@365junkremoval.ca for a free estimate.

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