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Serving the people of the Greater Vancouver region for 15 years, 365 Junk Removal Company offers top quality comprehensive cleanup and clear out services to residential customers residing in Vancouver. Whether you are looking for a carpet to be hauled away, furniture removal, or even just to recycle some of your old electronics, our expert technicians are up to the task. If you’ve got junk and you wish you didn’t, we can make it disappear!

Carpet Removal

In order to make room for the new, you’ve got to get rid of the old. When it comes to removing and disposing of carpeting, it’s not an easy task. While some unwanted household items pose no problem for a homeowner to tackle on their own, proper carpet removal requires the touch of a professional. Most flooring companies are only too happy to lay your new flooring, but they won’t remove or haul the old away without charging you additional exorbitant fees which can raise your overall cost by up to $1,000. Hiring a Vancouver junk removal company to make your unwanted carpet woes go away is a wise decision and one that will save you both time and money, valuable commodities to any homeowner. Leading businesses such as 365 Junk Removal Company specialize in the removal and disposal of carpeting that is past its prime. Cost-effective and professional, you will find our services not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

Why You Need a Professional for Your Carpet Removal

Homeowners who have attempted carpet removal on their own have often discovered that it is not a DIY job. Hiring a Vancouver waste disposal company such as 365 Junk Removal to remove and haul your carpet for you will be the best money you have ever spent, and our services won’t break the bank.

Here are a few reasons why carpeting needs to be removed by a professional carpet removal company:

  • Removing carpet on your own is expensive.
    While you can choose to attempt to remove your unwanted carpeting on your own, it is not an inexpensive prospect. The appropriate tools must be purchased and a large amount of time must be devoted to getting every last scrap and its accompanying mattress pad and glue off the subflooring, a daunting task indeed, and one that is sure to consume a lot of your weekend free time. This process equates to lost time and lost money; two things you deeply value.
  • Flooring installers charge additional fees to remove and dispose of old flooring.
    It’s not that flooring installers won’t remove and dispose of your old flooring. Anything is possible…if you’re willing to pay enough money to have it done. When you hire a Vancouver junk removal company for your carpet removal needs, you won’t pay an arm and a leg to get the job done. 365 Junk Removal Company specializes in removing and disposing of unwanted carpeting, leaving the space prepared and ready for the new stuff to go in.
  • Your new flooring can’t go down into the old is removed and disposed of.
    When you purchase new flooring, you can’t wait to see it in its place. But the new can’t go down until the old is up. If you rely on your installer to do the job prior to installing your new flooring, it’s not just going to be costly; it’s also going to delay the overall process. Businesses like 365 Junk Removal Company specialize in the efficient removal and hauling away of unwanted carpeting. We have the experience to get your old carpeting out of the way in a flash. With 365 Junk Removal Company, it’s out with the old, so the installer can come in with the new.
  • Old carpeting must be disposed of properly.
    Old carpeting is not a simple thing to dispose of. It is most often not recycled because it can pose serious health risks as a result of potential mold spores and fleas, and it can also possess unsightly pet stains. 365 Junk Removal Company has expert knowledge of safe handling practices for carpet disposal. You can rest assured that when your carpet is in our hands, it will end up at the right place.

What You Get From Hiring 365 Junk Removal Company

When you hire 365 Junk Removal Company for all of your Vancouver carpet removal needs, you gain access to a team of professionals who care about your project and the environment.

Our commitment to you includes the following:

  • Dependable service
  • Efficient and thorough carpet removal
  • Clean work practices
  • Environmentally responsible disposal practices
  • Friendly technicians
  • Cost-effective carpet removal solutions
  • Quick response times to your call

Ready to get rid of that old carpeting? Contact the expert carpet disposal team at 365 Junk Removal Company now at (604) 365 – 0428 or booking@365junkremoval.ca. We are ready to take your call and get rid of the old, so you can bring in the new. As Vancouver’s leading junk removal company, we are at your service whenever you need us. One quick call, and your carpet can be gone!

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