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Holiday’s season is coming very quickly, and for a lot of people is the right time to renovate the spirit for new projects and experiences in life. Before starting to pull out all the Christmas boxes to decorate your house and enjoy the great warm feeling of this season, a decluttering project might be convenient, and a perfect moment to settle the mood of the whole family for the holidays. 

If you are ready to get that fresh start to set the mood of your home and family for holidays by organizing your home before hanging all the Christmas DECORACAO, our specialized team of junk removal in Vancouver region got you covered. Following you can find some cleaning tips to get your home feeling cozy and well prepared for the most wonderful time of the year. 

Prepare the house doing a deep cleaning

Roll up your sleeves and start a deep cleaning in your home. Make sure to dust all your furniture, blinds, and windowsills to get them nice and clean to receive all Christmas decorations. Vacuum all your carpets and rugs and sweep under all your furniture to get all the dust and dirt out of all dark corners. 

Organize your storage areas

Now that your home is settled to start to get a new look for the holidays, it’s time to tackle all the storage areas in your home, and the most avoided one – the garage. Start by organizing your internal storage by pulling everything out. It might be terrifying to see how many things you have cluttered in a tiny space, but don’t be discouraged. It’s the best time and way to reorganize all your things by sorting them as the frequency that you use them. The ones that you rarely use, you can confidently separate to give a better destination to them and leave more space to your useful things. 

When you finish your storages, it’s time to tackle the garage. The same principle of pulling everything from the shelves and sorting them is applicable here as well. Sorting your objects and materials by season, or activities. For example, you can have a separate box for your Summer gear or winter sports gear. The same idea for your decorative objects, sort them by themes such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Holidays. You will make your life way more manageable when you start to organize and decorate your home to each season. 

Get all the junk out of your way

Once you’ve organized everything and sorted all your storage spaces and garage, it’s time to get rid of all your unwanted junk. All the objects, clothes, and other materials that are still in good condition, you donate to a local charity and help others as well. But, for all the other materials that might be heavy or requiring a proper destination, you can count on a professional junk removal service

365 Junk Removal in Burnaby and Vancouver

We from 365 Junk Removal are ready to help you to get rid of all your cluttered home materials by giving proper disposal, helping you to focus on what really matters: your holidays’ preparation! With affordable prices and excellent removal services, we can dispose of your garbage to recycle. Call (604) 365-0428 or email us to booking@365junkremoval for a free estimate.

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