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How to Remove Difficult Junk to Recycle in Vancouver?

Nowadays, people are getting more conscious about the importance and the impact that recycling has on the environment and our daily lives. To dispose of all the waste properly, separating them into the right recycle bins is paramount for a sustainable and healthy environment. 

But, it is equally important to give the right destination for all the other type of garbage, to avoid that they end up in landfills and contaminating, even more, the soil. In this case, count on a qualified Vancouver Junk Removal company is the best solution. 

The garbage from paper, plastic, glass, metal, and even electronics materials undergo to recycle stations in Vancouver. However, many materials are really hard to recycle and need a proper destination. Even electronic waste might be challenging to recycle depending on the components and sizes. That’s the reason that getting a professional junk removal might be helpful to get rid of the big electronics such as old televisions, broken microwaves, and old computers desktops. 

Another challenging waste to give the proper destination is a mattress. An old mattress is hard to recycle due to the difficult to disassemble all its components. But, most of the mattress components can be recycled, such as the cotton, the foam, and the metal pieces. On top of all these challenges, mattress has a big size, making it difficult to move it to recycle stations allowed to receive it. In this case, 365 Junk Removal can give you a hand to dispose of your old and useless mattress correctly. 

Same disposal concerns come to batteries discard. All cells, since the small ones from the big and complex ones, contain many elements that can be recycled. However, the recycling process is very specialized, being careful to separate all the features and to give the right destination for reuse. 

Tires also might be challenging to get rid of it. Used tires can be easily recycled, being turned into synthetic turf, playground surfacing products, asphalt, and many other products. We are a Junk Removal team in Vancouver fully permitted to transport tires in agreement with all local environmental regulations. All the used tires will be picked up and transported to a tire recycling facility in safety. 

We from 365 Junk Removal are ready to help you to give a proper final destiny to all your waste, helping to make our environment, a better one to live. With affordable price and excellent removal services, we can dispose of your garbage to recycle. Call (604) 365-0428 or email us to booking@365junkremoval for a free estimate. 

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