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What is 365 Junk Removal working schedule?

365 Junk Removal works SEVEN days a week, and on holidays as well! We try our best to accommodate your schedule, please call us via (604) 365 – 0428 to inquire an appointment booking!

Do you do Free Estimates?

We only provide free estimation over phone (604) 365 – 0428. If you are interested, you can also send us photos of your junk via booking@365junkremoval.ca for better estimation.

Does 365 Junk Removal Company Recycle?

Absolutely! As an environmentally conscious business, 365 Junk Removal Company takes their role in providing eco-friendly recycling services very seriously. All items are carefully considered with the vast percentage of all we pick up either donated or earmarked for depositing at the appropriate recycling depots where the items can be refurbished, repurposed, or reused.

How Much Will My Junk Removal Cost with 365 Junk Removal Company?

It’s difficult to estimate the exact cost of a junk removal job sight unseen as it is challenging for our technicians to understand the scope of what is involved until we can accurately assess the situation. However, you can always view our pricing page to get a general idea, We can assure you that our services are budget-friendly and efficient, and we offer no obligation free estimates to all of our potential clients in the Vancouver region.

Are There Hidden Costs in Junk Removal with 365 Junk Removal Company?

With 365 Junk Removal Company, what you see is what you get. When our team of professionals offers you an estimate on our junk removal services, that number includes all costs. We all win when waste disposal and recycling programs are inclusive and cost efficient, and our goal is to provide you with comprehensive waste disposal and recycling programs at prices that won’t break the bank.

Do I Need to Be Present When 365 Junk Removal Comes to Pick Up My Junk?

While it is not necessary for you to remain on site while our technicians remove your junk, we will need someone to allow us into your home and point us in the right direction. Whether or not you choose to be present is a personal preference. Our team of professionals is accustomed to and comfortable with working independently or under the guidance of the home or business owner.

Do I Get a Discount If My Items Are For Curbside Collection?

If the junk in your home simply needs sorting and packaging for curbside collection, we are pleased to offer you a discount since our hauling services are not required. To learn more about what discounts are available for curbside items, contact our office at (604) 365 – 0428 or booking@365junkremoval.ca.

Are There Any Items 365 Junk Removal Company Will Not Take?

Though 365 Junk Removal Company does offer comprehensive waste pickup, disposal, and recycling services, there are some items that we do not accept. The two most common things we are asked about are if we provide dumpsters/garbage bins for do-it-yourself junk removal and if our technicians move pianos. There are many excellent businesses within the Vancouver region who offer both of these specialized services. At this time, 365 Junk Removal Company does not. Please feel free to contact our office for a recommendation of a local company who can assist you with these needs.

What Do I Need to Do To Schedule a Pickup With 365 Junk Removal Company?

Scheduling a pick up with 365 Junk Removal Company is as simple as calling or emailing our office. Provide us with your address, the description and location of the junk you want hauled, and your preferred day and time, and we will be there to make your junk disappear!

What Does 365 Junk Removal Company Do With All of the Junk From a Pickup?

That’s a great question! 365 Junk Removal Company is committed to enriching, preserving, and protecting our environment. Our #1 priority is recycling, reusing, repurposing, or refurbishing all items that are suitable for these objectives. However, not all materials we pick up can be recycled for reuse. When this occurs, our technicians must determine what junk is destined for electronic waste depots, landfills, and garbage dumps. Our objective is the same as the city of Vancouver’s: to create a zero waste green city by the year 2020.

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