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For ten years, Vancouver’s commercial district has been relying on the top tier services of 365 Junk Removal Company for all of their waste removal needs. Whether you have an office that needs a clean up, furniture to be hauled off for recycling, or a vacant lot to be completely overhauled, our team of professional technicians is up to the task. Why waste your valuable time trying to dig through piles of old junk? With one quick phone call, 365 Junk Removal Company can be on the scene, making your old office furniture and commercial waste a thing of the past!

Office Clean Outs

Planning a complete office move? Searching for a quality company that specializes in office junk removal? Look no further than Vancouver’s 365 Junk Removal Company!

Offices can become storehouses of junk after a while. Once useful furniture starts to show its wear and what was once the hottest monitor on the market loses its luster and is replaced with a sleeker, more efficient model. All of these items find themselves unceremoniously deposited in some distant corner, and most often are forgotten about. But there comes a time when the accumulation of office junk can’t be ignored any longer. Office furniture, garbage, and waste can rob your business of valuable real estate. When the junk starts to take over, it’s time to call in the professionals to take it away! 365 Junk Removal Company has ten years of experience assisting their valued Vancouver customers with their office moves and junk removal needs.

Office moves and clean outs require waste removal and recycling savvy. Since most offices contain many different types of waste, you need an office junk removal business with the knowledge to properly dispose of your office furniture and garbage. Many of the materials housed within an office building are recyclable, and others fall into the category of e-waste and require very specific handling. It’s not as simple as paying for a dumpster and putting all of your junk in there for hauling away. Not a job for a novice, it is easy to see that hiring a professional office junk removal team such as 365 Junk Removal Company is the way to go!

Why Hire 365 Junk Removal Company for Your Office Clean Out?

If you’re looking for a simple monitor removal and recycling or to clear out an entire office of furniture and electronics, 365 Junk Removal Company is up to the task! Office moves are our specialty. With ten years of experience in office junk removal, we have the experience to get the job done in a time-conscious and cost-effective manner with no disruption to your schedule.

If you’re considering giving Vancouver’s leading office clean out company a call, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t delay phoning 365 Junk Removal Company:

  • 365 Junk Removal Company will save you money.
    Overhauling an entire office takes time, and time spent removing unwanted office furniture, supplies, and waste costs you money. But more than that, your employees excel at their jobs, but they aren’t office junk removal technicians. Their skills are better applied to doing the work they were hired to do not attempting to figure out how to recycle a printer or old computer monitor. When you hire 365 Junk Removal Company, you gain access to a team of professionals who will efficiently remove all of your unwanted junk, leaving you with a clean office space with a minimal investment of time. If an office move is what you are looking for, you want a team that will help make the transition as seamless as possible. 365 Junk Removal Company can take the pain out of an office move for you and your employees!
  • 365 Junk Removal Company will free up your office space.
    One of the biggest problems excess office junk presents is loss of critical functional office space. 365 Junk Removal Company will make a clean sweep of your office, removing all unwanted office furniture, electronics, and even paper, plastic, and scrap metal waste. One quick call to our expert team will buy you back the space you forgot you once had!
  • 365 Junk Removal Company prevents employee injury.
    You hire professionals because they understand the industry-leading best practices to get the job done. You could have your employees assist you with your office move or clean out, but since office furniture is heavy, bulky, and difficult to handle, the likelihood of injury increases exponentially. 365 Junk Removal Company understands the correct safety measures to put in place to remove your unwanted office materials quickly, efficiently, and safely. Our technicians have the support our company behind them and are fully insured. We make office junk removal easy for you by taking the problem off your hands!
  • 365 Junk Removal Company has specialist knowledge.
    Office moves and clean outs are not straight forward projects. Monitors, printers, computers, and other electronics must be properly recycled. If you have paper, plastic, scrap metal, or junk waste, it must also be packaged for deposits at the appropriate recycling venue. Office furniture often needs to be dismantled for easy disposal. Leading Vancouver office clean out companies such as 365 Junk Removal Company focus on proper techniques to ensure that as many materials as possible are either repurposed, refurbished, or reused. This forward-thinking approach to green initiatives is in keeping with Vancouver’s vision of becoming Canada’s most eco-friendly city by 2020.

What Will 365 Junk Removal Company Take Away?

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • Scanners
  • Photocopiers
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Cabinets
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Carpet

Tired of office furniture, electronic waste, and unusable paper and plastic taking over your space? 365 Junk Removal Company can make it disappear! Contact us now at (604) 365 – 0428 or booking@365junkremoval.ca
to say goodbye to your office junk for good.

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