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How to prevent illegal dumping in Burnaby

Illegal dumping is a deliberate action of abandoning or dumping waste on inappropriate areas in public or private properties.  This practice is not only harmful to the environment and the neighborhoods but also costs taxpayers over a million dollars every year.

Dispose Your Waste Correctly! Burnaby Junk Removal Service

Although illegal dumping may seem to be the easiest solution when you do not have enough time and money to dispose of your waste correctly, it is paramount to think about and consider all the environmental impact that his bad practice causes. As a specialized waste removal service in Burnaby, we are ready to offer you a low cost and affordable service to manage your waste properly.

It is essential to be mindful when it comes to dumping your garbage because many hazardous materials might be present in many products and objects, which demands a proper destination of this garbage to receive appropriate treatment while disposing of. For example, batteries, aerosol cans, cleaners, and other chemicals over time and unattended, can drastically damage the soil and the environment which can provide irreversible harm natural resources like rivers and lands.

Burnaby Junk Removal Company

With a junk removal company, you can count on regulated service to dispose of all these materials properly, giving the specific treatment necessary to recycle and not harm the environment. Our team is trained to carefully take every step during the removal to ensure that no hazardous material contaminates the environment.

Illegal Dumping – Fines Up To $10,000

In Burnaby, for instance, illegal dumping is taking very seriously and to prevent this harmful practice, offenders can be fined between $100 to $10,000. In addition, the person might be requested to take action to remove the waste and restore the area.

To prevent illegal dumping in your building property or in areas next to your property, some actions can be taken. Increase the awareness among tenants, ensure that everybody in the building knows how to properly disposing of their waste, how to recycle, and how to deal with waste from moving. Also, make sure to store waste containers to avoid that outsiders trespass your property and use your waste or make a mess, leaving the place dirty, smelly, and unsafe for people. Finally, you can use a reliable junk removal service in Burnaby to help with dumping and debris.

Burnaby Junk Removal Service

With affordable prices and excellent junk removal service, we from 365 Junk Removal are ready to help you to avoid illegal dumping and keep your neighborhood clean, tide, and health. Call (604) 365-0428 or send us an email at booking@365junkremoval.ca for a free estimate.

Junk Removal helps you to prepare for the Halloween

One of the happiness that the Fall season brings is Halloween. All the joy and pumpkin spice aroma in the air fulfill our days, and many Halloween enthusiasts can’t wait to decorate the house and prepare for the biggest day of ‘Trick or Treats.’

Depending on your level of enthusiasm and engagement with Halloween, you might dedicate the right amount of your time involved from elaborate costumes, decorating your home, to include activities such as sewing, carpentry, welding, installing lights, and many others. You might not have time to get to your boxes with all your ornaments to spread them all over your home.

Annual Junk Removal Service

However, you might prioritize the first things first. Your annual Halloween ritual should start with a proper clean-up preparation. Before starting to get all your decoration props spread in your garage floor, it is an excellent time to organize everything and check what is worth to reuse and what is not in good condition and cannot be hung to frighten people. After making this evaluation, make sure to put your entire Halloween costume dump in a separate box to haul them properly with reliable a Junk Removal service in Burnaby.

Let us Haul Away Your Unwanted Furniture

Now that you move to decorate your house, it is also a great time to organize your rooms and see what might not fit anymore in your space. In this time of the year, many side tables, armchairs, footrest stools, rugs catch the attention of homeowners who realize how this furniture is useless and take a massive space inside the home. You can take advantage of this Halloween preparation and get rid of all these unwanted furniture.

You can easily remove your furniture cleaning and save your time by hiring a professional Vancouver Junk Removal to haul your unwanted items. Our team is backed by our company values and training, being fully prepared to follow disposal guidelines and protocols to ensure a proper destination in the landfills.

Have a Fun Halloween & Leave All the Junk To Us!

Enjoy one of the best seasons of the year and get prepared for the most fun time in the year – Halloween without distractions and headaches. With 365 Junk Removal handling your furniture and garbage disposal needs, you can put all your effort into organizing a freighting Halloween decoration while our professionals come in and do all the work for you to haul your dumping. Call (604) 365-0428 or send us an email at booking@365junkremoval.ca for a free estimate.

How to make carpet removal an easy task

Over time, your house carpeting starts to show signs of wear and tear, mainly the common areas most frequent by family members such as stairs, hallways, and living rooms. Even if you take all the necessary care to keep your carpet clean and in good shape, experts recommend that floor carpet should be replaced every decade. 

For this daunting task hiring a Vancouver junk removal company might be a safer choice saving you time, money, and headache to haul the old carpet to proper disposal. You might know someone who has attempted to removal carpet by himself/herself and badly regret this decision. You do not need to suffer in order to have your carpet renewed. Before to start ripping off the carpet by yourself, take some time to plan to save you time and effort.

The very first step is to clear out all the furniture from the room. Following, remove any baseboards and moldings that you might find in the edges of the carpet. Now, you are ready to start the removal. Start all the ripping by the corners, choose one and with the help of a plier, pry up the carpet and pull this piece.

From this stage, the real fun begins and everything might end very well or very wrong. To be patient and careful will be your secret weapons to get the carpet removal done efficiently. Use a utility knife to cut the carpet into smaller sessions, making some strips, so it might be easy to remove them afterward. With a crowbar, pull up one piece of the carpet per time; it will be easier to rip off the carpet and roll it to dispose by the end of the work correctly. Finally, remember to consider removing the glue and any other material that might be used to install the old carpet. 

However, if you want to get all this hard work done quickly, nicely and effectively, you can count on Vancouver junk removal to help you. Our team is highly skilled in carpet removal and well prepared to get the work done quickly without making a massive mess in your home. We are ready to get rid of your old carpet, including the daunting task of removing mattress pad and glue off the subflooring. 

By the end of the removal, 365 Junk Removal will also haul all the old carpet removed to a proper recycle destination and you can rest assured that your carpet scraps ended up at the right place without damaging or polluting the environment. 

With affordable price and excellent carpet removal service, 365 Junk Removal are ready to help you to give a proper final destiny to your old carpet. Call (604) 365-0428 or email us to booking@365junkremoval.ca for a free estimate.

Vancouver Junk Removal helps you and your kids to get back to school

Summer is almost over and kids are ready to get back to school. After all vacation excitement and fun, it’s time to get back to the routine and significant part of this preparation is organizing everything. To start a new year at school is a big deal for kids and parents, and having everything organized and prepared is the best way to go through this process smoothly. 

Supporting your family preparation to get back to school and routine, you can count on Vancouver Junk Removal company to give you a hand to provide a proper destination for the unwanted materials, objects and other disposable items from your cleansing process. 

Before going to shopping the new materials to get back to school, take time with your kids to organize everything before. It is a great time to evaluate what materials are not working very well, such as pencils, colored pens, highlighters, pencil sharpener, so on. 

Start the organization by sorting all the materials into three baskets organized into categories such as trash, repurpose, keep it. You will be surprised by how much junk might be sitting in your kids’ desks, drawers, and cabinets. Put together all this trash and call to professional junk removal to help you to get rid of all these unwanted materials. 

First, start filling the “keep it” basket collecting all the material which are in good shape and are still useful for your kids’ education. For example, colored pencils, folders, backpacks, and pencil cases can still be useful and will avoid any extra expenses, once they are in good shape and working very well. 

The next stage is sorting the other materials such as unfinished notebooks, used plastic folders or any other material from previous stages in the school that will not be more useful for your kids such as books. All of them go to the “repurpose” basket so you can give another purpose or destination to them. 

For instance, for unfinished notebooks, you can rip off the written sheets and keep the clean sheets to use as draft or scrap papers. There is no need to discard clean pages that can still be useful. Another great activity is to donate the old books that will not be helpful anymore to your kids learning once they are progressing. Find places to donate, such as public libraries, schools, daycares, and other institutions that will significantly take advantage of these sources to help other kids. 

Finally, during the assortment of the old material, you will put together all objects that are completely done or not working anymore such as notebooks completely written, colored pencils at the end, highlight pencils that are not working anymore, sharpeners, binders, pencil cases with broken zippers, so on. When you finished all this process, you and your family will be ready to go shopping to get back to school, making wise purchases and saving money. 

The team at 365 Junk Removal are well prepared to deal with all kind of junk removal by properly sorting them analyzing the material and figuring out how to manage a proper safe and sustainable disposal considering recycling options. 

Enjoy your time with your family to preparing to get back to school in the best pleasant way counting with the help of 365 Junk Removal in Vancouver. With affordable price and excellent removal services, we can dispose of your trash to recycle, making the environment better for living. Call (604) 365-0428 or email us to booking@365junkremoval.ca for a free estimate.

How to Remove Difficult Junk to Recycle in Vancouver?

Nowadays, people are getting more conscious about the importance and the impact that recycling has on the environment and our daily lives. To dispose of all the waste properly, separating them into the right recycle bins is paramount for a sustainable and healthy environment. 

But, it is equally important to give the right destination for all the other type of garbage, to avoid that they end up in landfills and contaminating, even more, the soil. In this case, count on a qualified Vancouver Junk Removal company is the best solution. 

The garbage from paper, plastic, glass, metal, and even electronics materials undergo to recycle stations in Vancouver. However, many materials are really hard to recycle and need a proper destination. Even electronic waste might be challenging to recycle depending on the components and sizes. That’s the reason that getting a professional junk removal might be helpful to get rid of the big electronics such as old televisions, broken microwaves, and old computers desktops. 

Another challenging waste to give the proper destination is a mattress. An old mattress is hard to recycle due to the difficult to disassemble all its components. But, most of the mattress components can be recycled, such as the cotton, the foam, and the metal pieces. On top of all these challenges, mattress has a big size, making it difficult to move it to recycle stations allowed to receive it. In this case, 365 Junk Removal can give you a hand to dispose of your old and useless mattress correctly. 

Same disposal concerns come to batteries discard. All cells, since the small ones from the big and complex ones, contain many elements that can be recycled. However, the recycling process is very specialized, being careful to separate all the features and to give the right destination for reuse. 

Tires also might be challenging to get rid of it. Used tires can be easily recycled, being turned into synthetic turf, playground surfacing products, asphalt, and many other products. We are a Junk Removal team in Vancouver fully permitted to transport tires in agreement with all local environmental regulations. All the used tires will be picked up and transported to a tire recycling facility in safety. 

We from 365 Junk Removal are ready to help you to give a proper final destiny to all your waste, helping to make our environment, a better one to live. With affordable price and excellent removal services, we can dispose of your garbage to recycle. Call (604) 365-0428 or email us to booking@365junkremoval for a free estimate. 

Vancouver 365 Junk Removal Company Can Remove Construction Waste

Vancouver is currently undergoing a construction and renovation boom. Walking down the streets, you can easily spot constructions sites everywhere. For Vancouverites, thoughts linger in the mind as to how long would the loud construction noises continue, how it affects the local traffic, and how the construction companies will handle the disposal of construction waste. 

To ensure the building construction or renovation site is as clean as possible falls on the responsibility of the builders. Properly cleaning up debris is just as important as the planning and construction development project itself. 

With the help of an efficient and qualified team of Vancouver 365 Junk Removal to haul all the debris and other wasted materials after a demolition or renovation job, you can focus on the problems that really matter to the construction project. 

Our Vancouver garbage disposal team at 365 Junk Removal can remove all construction debris, from drywall to concrete, with proper training and disposal in agreement with recycling practices in Greater Vancouver. It is important to understand the importance to give an adequate destination of construction rubbish. 

There are some municipalities’ regulations when it comes to the disposal of construction waste. For example in Vancouver, it is possible to find designated stations where it is allowed to drop off construction waste such as window frames, cement base, and concrete to be recycled. 

There are specific guidelines to dispose of specific kinds of recyclable wastes that come from construction, demolition, or renovation. Let’s take concrete as an example. A maximum of 500 liters of concrete is possible to be disposed in specific concrete recycling transfer stations in Vancouver. If more than this amount, it is necessary to arrange the disposal with the Vancouver Landfill Department. To avoid any fines and expert knowledge you can count on our Junk Removal team in Vancouver to guide you. 

365 Junk Removal makes a careful analysis of the construction wastes before we start to remove and get rid of them from the construction site to the transfer stations or landfills. Our team makes sure that all the debris are properly sorted and cleaned to go to the specific recycling locations. Any hazardous waste from construction or renovation must have a proper destination different from the rest of the debris.

Make sure to take care of construction waste. 365 Junk Removal has 15 years of experience working in the junk removal industry, offering low cost and affordable commercial waste removal services. Call (604) 365-0428 or email us to booking@365junkremoval.ca for a free estimate.

How to handle electronic removals in Vancouver

It is only a matter of time when you find your garage packed with boxes of electronic devices which is nothing but trash. It takes time to separate all unwanted electronics and more time to dispose of them properly. With Vancouver’s best junk removal company, you can feel relieved with the help of 365 Vancouver Junk Removal.    

With 15 years of expertise and serving the Greater Vancouver region, 365 Junk Removal has the best waste disposal team of specialists with the required skills to help clean up and clear out all electronic waste from your home.  

Vancouver Junk Electronic Removal

Almost every family has at least one box of electronic trash such as dead batteries, old cellphones, old radio, walkie talkies, disk man, and many other devices. And, for the nature of these materials, electronics cannot be disposed in the regular trash. There are some regulations to make the disposal properly in order to protect the environment.

When hiring a leading Vancouver Junk Removal company comes in hand. Our team is well trained and prepared to treat electronic waste properly. First, we come to your home to pick up your unwanted electronic items to sort them correctly. Then, our team segregated each item to deposit them at the correct recycling depot. 

Why is important to recycle electronics?     

The main reason that you must to get proper disposal of any electronic device is that they might contain harmful chemicals such as cadmium, beryllium, mercury, lead, and brominated flame retardants. Thus, different equipment such as TV, radios, cell phones, and computers might have these chemical elements.   

All these chemical components are installed and held appropriately in the devices, but once deposited in a landfill or garbage dump, these electronics become exposed to the weather, getting rain, sun, and groundwater. This situation becomes extremely harmful to the environment and causes contamination of the water and soil. 

Let 365 Junk Removal to clean and dispose of all your old and unused electronics properly, taking care of the environment and making your home feel like home again without those full packed trash boxes. 

Contact our junk removal professionals at (604) 365-0428 or booking@365junkremoval.ca to schedule a pickup.

Easy and Simple Appliances Removal with Vancouver Junk Removal

Summer is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. It is also a great time to revamp your home regarding appliances. When it comes to substituting appliances at home, the big concern about where to dispose of the old one comes to mind immediately. 

To make your life easier and to give you all the freedom to work properly in your new kitchen design, Vancouver junk removal company, 365 Junk Removal is your best option and aligned to get your things done.

Appliance Removal

With the help of the efficient team of Vancouver Junk Removal, you can remove unwanted appliances from your home without worrying about all the hard work. 

Whether you are changing your kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, stove, hood, dishwasher, or your laundry equipment, you can replace them without a huge mess, counting on technicians to install them for you, and a well-trained team in Vancouver of 365 Junk Removal to get rid of your old appliances from your home. 

Our team of 365 Junk Removal experts are trained in removing bulky and heavy items without the mess within your home. You do not need to worry about carrying these heavy appliances and damage your home. Our team can remove your old appliances without scratch paint, damage walls, or snag carpet.

How 365 Junk Removal can help you?

If you are switching your home appliances and find yourself lost regarding where to dispose of your old appliances, you can count on 365 Vancouver Junk Removal to support you.   

You can call 365 Junk Removal and we will get rid of all your old appliances in a proper way and in agreement with the best environmental disposal practices.      

Here are some of the appliances which we can help you dispose properly:

  • Refrigerator removal
  • TV removal
  • Hot tub removal
  • Small household appliance removal
  • Large household appliance removal
  • Air conditioner removal
  • Computer recycling
  • Electronic recycling

365 Junk Removal has 15 years of junk removal industry expertise and we offer low cost, affordable residential and commercial waste removal services aligned to the disposal policies to preserve the environment. Call (604) 365-0428 or email us to booking@365junkremoval.ca for a free estimate.

How to dispose of used tires properly

It is common to see regular customers struggling with space in the garage by accumulating tires. 365 Junk Removal in Vancouver is your reliable tire hauling company that gives value for your money and space.

We can help you to leave precious space in your garage by making the tire hauling and environmental disposal of your tires. However, some actions might be taken for you before we can help with it.

Vancouver Junk Removal Company

In order to create an organized and eco-friendly flow, you can arrange with a tire store or warehouse to leave your used tires. Then, our Vancouver Junk Removal team can connect with the tire shop, automotive shop, or warehouse and pick up all used tires. There is no hard work for your business. It is really simple. Your tire business or automotive shop only needs to make us a call.

We are a Junk Removal team in Vancouver are fully permitted to transport tires in agreement with all regulations. All the used tires will be picked up and transported to a tire recycling facility which is certified in Earth Friendly recycle procedures.

By disposing of your used tires correctly with our help, you are helping the environment. Used tires can be recycled and used to produce synthetic turf, playground surfacing products, sports fields, rubberized asphalt, colorized mulch, and many other products.

Be conscious and call us for tire hauling, more than be good for the environment, it is important for your business and reputation. In any case, burn tires. This practice is terrible for our environment and for our health, once the fire burning can dramatically contaminate the air.

To help you to give a proper destiny to your used tires, you can also check a list of drop-off locations across British Columbia by visiting the website Tire Stewardship BC or contact the Recycling Council of British Columbia hotline.

Junk Removal Company in Vancouver

For a Junk Removal Company, you can count on 365 Junk Removal in Vancouver. Learn more by calling (604) 365-0428 or sending an email to booking@365junkremoval.ca.

Learn 3 effective ways to save your home from clutter with Junk Removal in Vancouver

Sometimes is quite a daunting task to keep our homes free of clutter. With a fast-paced daily life, it is easy to find ourselves under a messy house with all households accumulated. In situations like this, find the courage to clean up everything and dispose of all the mess correctly might be challenging.

For the hard task, you can count on our Vancouver 365 Junk Removal team to help you to dispose properly of your junk, by following all local – city, state and EPA guidelines when dumping to landfills. However, you can adopt simple methods and routines to keep your house in order, without clutter.

Junk Removal in Vancouver

For example, you can start to organize your spaces and leaving them free by separating your entire broken appliance and electronics that are not working anymore and you cannot recover them. These types of equipment take a huge area of your storage that can be easily organized by dumping them correctly with professional support.

Another great action is to take your unused items to a charity. Take time and make a great selection of your personal items that are taking your free space for no reasonable reason. You can take your “junk” and donate to a thrift store which makes charitable contributions to the community. However, be mindful about your donations. Remember that if an item is really trashed, you don’t have the courage to use due to the bad condition; the object will not be useful or wearable for another person as well.

Finally, try to give another purpose for your broken furniture. Instead of having a broken piece of furniture left in the corner, try to revamp it, giving another purpose. Maybe you can find a hidden talent in yourself and you will be amazed and entertained by discovering a hobby out of transforming aged furniture. In the worst case, if you tried and couldn’t give a better look or use for your old furniture, call us and we can help you to give some free space.

Take some time to take care of your home and yourself. You will be amazed how these little changes can bring great feelings for you.

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For a Junk Removal Company, you can count on 365 Junk Removal in Vancouver. Learn more by calling (604) 365-0428 or sending us an email to booking@365junkremoval.ca

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